Case Study: Bank of the West

Posted on February 14, 2013

By Dean Schwartz – Way back in the day – okay, a little less than six months ago – we were contacted by the great folks at Eventus to partner up on an exciting, but extremely last-minute project for Bank of the West (link). You could call it a high-priority, both for us and for the bank, which had major plans for some promotional products and an immediate need for them.

It turns out, Bank of the West was sponsoring the University of Colorado’s football team (Go Buffs!) and we’d be working side-by-side with Eventus to create premium promotional products to be given away at five home games throughout the college football season.

So how’d we get involved? It turns out the bank had run into a hiccup with its original design group for the customized promotional products they were working on. So the SOBO Concepts team was called in to help complete the job. We like this story in particular because it embodies so many of the things we’re proud to say make us who we are; creators, leaders and standard-bearers in service. So what did we do?

Everything. From lanyards, t-shirts and soccer scarves to beanies, rally towels, flashlight carabineers, polos and more. And as is our hallmark, we found a way to innovate beyond the norm, providing our client with various options for each product and delivering top-notch designs, making sure to create  products we knew would appeal to both University of Colorado college students as well as local adult fans.

We not only took the creative lead in terms of product decisions, but on the actual design process, as well. The client was thrilled. In addition, we delivered a major upgrade in service, too, in a most unexpected way. Although Bank of the West had a sponsorship agreement with the University of Colorado, they didn’t realize that they needed a licensing agreement, as well.

So what did we do? Our SOBO Concepts team took it upon ourselves to contact the licensing agent and sign an agreement directly. The only thing Bank of the West had to worry about was paying the additional royalties, which they paid through us, without having to add another vendor. A little bit of extra effort on our part saved our client a lot of heartache. Simply put, we saw an opportunity to provide superior service and we did.

The end result? An elated client, claimed that we delivered the best premiums they ever did. That’s the SOBO Concepts way! Want to see what it could look like for you? Call us at 305-503-5740!

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