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By Dean Schwartz: If you’re in the market for a new car, you know that the end of the year closeout deals are as good as it gets. Heck, if you’re a dealer, you know that, too.
And while dealers and buyers might disagree on price, they’ll agree that all “end of the year” car shopping is easy to identify. Why? Because you can’t drive by a dealership, in any city or town, without seeing giant tents, blow-up items, t-shirts, A-frames, flyers, flags and much more, all designed to grab your attention and pull you in to the dealership.
And if your dealership doesn’t have those things? Suffice it to say that it’ll be all too easy to overlook you.

But there’s good news (and we’re pretty sure you saw it coming). What is it? It’s that SOBO Concepts is your absolute one-stop shop for custom promotional products, and that includes SWAG for car dealerships! Look, there won’t be a shortage of companies to pick from for branded materials, but there will be a shortage of ones who create SWAG that separates you from the clutter that you’re bound to see during end of year sales deals. For example, are you considering how to bring visitors back to the dealership for a second visit? Well, we are.

Here’s a link to some cool SWAG that will fire up your brain-tivity with some ideas about how to not only get your visitors in your door, but a second time, too, if necessary, to close the deal. Also, make sure to also check out our previous blog posts about tents and inflatables as well as table covers for those looking to make a splash on the outside as well.

And here are some ideas to get you started. Have you considered key chains with USB ports? Steering wheel desk clocks? Branded digital tire gauges? Dual port USB car chargers with your logo on them? We’re just getting warmed up.

DealerMarketing.com, a site that specializes specifically in automotive dealership marketing initiatives, ranks coffee mugs, bumper stickers, polo and golf shirts, pens and baseball caps as the top five marketing promotional product ideas for dealers.
And just your luck – we can create all of those, with extraordinary customized style, to fit your desired outcome, too. Because each of those top five items can be super boring without SWAG. Thankfully, you know better than to go about customized promotional products without the help of SOBO SWAG. And now, you’ll pick up the phone to call us to discuss it. Right? We thought so. 888.752.0432.

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