Branded Boat Shirt from Southern Tide

Posted on July 11, 2018

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): When it comes to the world of branded apparel, the number of choices can be overwhelming. And as good marketers, we know that targeting is key. Many apparel brands try to be everything to everyone, and that often leads to bland and generic products. Knowing your audience will help you narrow your apparel options so you can find the right brand with the best products for your audience. When it comes to the boating community, you want more than just a boat shirt, you want a brand that embodies the nautical lifestyle. That brand is Southern Tide.

In the boating world, a channel marker lights the way for boat traffic, marking the path to blue skies and open waters. In the same way, Southern Tide chooses apparel that marks the path to a strong brand. They are able to mesh professionalism, comfort, and style. Southern Tide is a high-end brand that captures the essence of the American summer wardrobe. If you are looking to target boaters, the nautical community, or anyone that is looking for high-end summer style, then Southern Tide is your brand. Here are a few of their styles, just to give you a taste.

Boat Shirt Styles from Southern Tide

boat shirt 3

Thanks to its flattering swing fit and buttery soft fabric, the island-inspired Jorie tank is bound to be one of your favorites. Perfect for summer, this tank is a great choice when you’re looking for something more fashionable than just a t-shirt. Pairs great with your favorite shorts. Straps are adjustable.

boat shirt 1

It is all smiles with the ocean course hoodie. Classic fit and made from 100% cotton slub jersey fabric for an incredibly soft feel. Features a kangaroo pocket, ribbed cuffs with open waistband and even hem. The striped interior of the hood add a little pop of style. Set a course for the sea in this nautical hoodie, for an easy layering option.

boat shirt 2The Castle Bay Check Hadley Popover feels light and breezy with active features that leave this shirt cool to the touch. Offering UV protection and moisture-wicking technology, this top transitions easily from the sand to social gatherings. Perfect for those long days that turn into long nights.

Get ready to set sail! Give SOBO a call 888.752.0432 or email to get your custom boat shirt ordered today. SWAG with style!

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