Case Study: Doodle Bugs Custom Mascot

Posted on April 11, 2017

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Ever heard of Doodle Bugs? In 1992, siblings, Anna, Clarine, and Anthony Insinna opened a small child care center in Western New York to bring a new level of excellence to early childhood education. Word spread quickly about the Doodle Difference and “Doodle Bugs!” became synonymous with high-quality child care and a commitment to continuous improvement.

And perhaps one of the most important elements of the Doodle Bugs brand has been having a readily identifiable mascot that kids and parents can point to and immediately associate the brand with it. In this case, that mascot is Doodle! And you guessed it – he’s a bug.

Before we sent Doodle on to his new home, he stopped by for a visit at our main offices in Fort Lauderdale!

In March, Doodle Bugs hosted its Day of Celebration, Appreciation and Professional Growth: 7th Annual Conference in Western New York with attendees from all Doodle Bugs locations in New York and as far as Florida.

In the months leading up to the event, we received a call from the Doodle Bugs team. It turns out, Doodle’s costume had seen better days; it was all worn out (he loves wearing it, can you blame him?)

But because of how excited Doodle was for the big Day of Celebration event, the team knew he’d want to look his best. And the Doodle Bugs team was nice enough to inquire about getting a custom order for a brand new mascot costume for him! 14 of them in all, in fact, so that no matter which Doodle Bugs location Doodle visited, he’d have some fresh threads to look as stylish as can be.

And as you can see below, he was looking dapper and as happy as can be at the big event!

SOBO gets requests like this more than you might expect. And with the proper lead time, we can not only help you secure the best possible prices on a custom mascot costume – or costumes – but we can get the type of materials necessary to ensure durability and lasting quality.

Sure, we can do low-cost, high volume costume projects (think Halloween), but our specialty and craftsmanship really comes to life when working with bigger projects such as this. We helped Doodle Bugs match every PMS color on Doodle’s mascot costume, down to every curve and crevice of his frame. It’s a literal, real-life iteration of the graphically designed version of the original.

Are you in search of a custom mascot? Call SOBO Concepts at 888.752.0432 today!

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