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Posted on December 12, 2013


By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Recently, we had the privilege of doing a project for a new crowd-funding platform called They partnered with an artist, Domingo Zapata, to raise money for the Bowery Mission in NYC via the Art4Crowd initiative. In particular, the funds raised from Art4Crowd will be used to renovated the Bowery Mission’s headquarters building.

What a cool project to be involved in!

So where did we come in? Well, SOBO Concepts is quickly becoming a go-to source for entrepreneurs looking for unique rewards to help them with their crowd-funding initiatives. had seen other work we’d done in the past – the kind of stuff that goes way beyond ordinary – and knew we were the right ones for the job (that, and I’m sleeping with the CEO, my wife of 16 years… but we’ll ignore that part for now).

So here’s where the idea for the SWAG came from. As part of the fundraising effort for the rehabbing of the Bowery Mission, we took Domingo Zapata’s art works and converted them into amazing products, including: iPhone Cases, t-shirts, bags, pull-over hoodies, zip-up hoodies and skateboards.


Domingo Zapata with NFL star, Jeremy Shockey (wearing the the DZ-designed shirt)
Domingo Zapata with NFL star, Jeremy Shockey (wearing the the DZ-designed shirt)

The value we added to the production of each of these products is covered in three points of the SOBO process:

  1. After EarlyShares provided our SOBO SWAG team with the different levels they wanted to spend for each reward level. Then, we suggested products we thought would work well with Domingo’s art and the volume they estimated would be purchased.
  2. Then, we created the designs for each of the above-mentioned products, which were then approved by both Domingo and EarlyShares. We also provided costs, depending upon the volume.
  3.  Finally, we manufactured and fulfilled the product. Voila!

But it’s not so simple as ‘Voila!’ We truly believe you have to see the finished product for yourself. We know the deal – custom consumer products and high-end art and products aren’t supposed to go together, at least in the minds of most. But when you look at the pictures of this product, we dare you to not say ‘woah’ as you scan through. Check them out below or visit to see how they were presented.

Creating SWAG with Style, isn’t just a marketing initiative, we can also help you raise money through reward-based crowd funding or just creating gear to sell retail. So as you aim to step up your game with custom SWAG, keep the images of our project in your mind. We’re confident you’ll see that we’re the only choice. Call us today. 888.752.0432.

Limited Edition Skateboard Limited Edition T-shirt Limited Edition Tote Bag Limited Edition Trucker Cap Limited-Edition-iPhone-Cover

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