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Case Study: Mun2 Gets Spicy with a Dash of Augmented Reality

LM_LOGOBy Dean Schwartz: Whether you’re a fan of popular Hispanic music videos, obsessed with the TV show “I Love Jenni,” or can’t get enough of Pasion de Gavilanes, you know the name Mun2. Recently, the popular network came to us to promote the second season of its reality show, Larrymania, which is based on the life of real-life Mexican singer, Larry Hernandez.

And while it was the second season of the show, it was also the second season that we were asked to develop SWAG for the show. During the first season, that meant being the masterminds and executors of an extremely popular, creative limited edition Larry Hernandez bobble head doll, as well as a leather bracelet.


This year, they wanted to do a second bobble head doll – for their advertisers/agencies – but wanted something a bit different, too; something that could add a little “spice” to the perception of the show, you might say. And what did we do?

The SOBO team worked hand in hand with Mun2 to understand not only the Larrymania show as a whole, but the audience who adores it so much, too. In the end, we came up with the idea of doing a private label hot sauce! After sending Mun2 and Larry himself a variety of different flavors, they decided to combine two different flavors, Habanero and Garlic, for a super spicy but savory combination.

Was that it? Of course not, because we’ve yet to create a customized promotional product that only had “mild” amounts of SWAG. So we found a way to supercharge the hot sauce! And if you’ve spent any time at all on our blog in the past couple of months, you know that Augmented Reality is something we’re raving about. Click the links below to see what we’re talking about.


Look familiar? Well, we convinced Mun2 to add it to the hot sauce! Check out this video below to see how it came out – as you’ll see, scanning our SWAG 3.0 Augmented Reality app right over the surface of the bottle showcases a SWAG-tastic commercial for the Larrymania show. You can even move the phone around and the video will continue to play once it’s scanned.

Look, customized bottles of hot sauce are a spicy idea period. But adding in Augmented Reality begs the question – who but SOBO Concepts would’ve thought to do that?

Let us answer the same question for your brand. Call us today to discuss hot ideas and augmented reality at 888.752.0432.

Want to test it yourself, go to the Apple app store and download SWAG 3.0. Then scan the label below to see what happens.

larry salsa

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