Case Study: RFID Bracelets

Posted on January 17, 2017

By Dean Schwartz: RFID Bracelets might be new to you, and frankly, RFID technology might be too! Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. A tag can be read from up to several feet away and does not need to be within direct line-of-sight of the reader to be tracked.

So what does this mean for marketers? It means the ability to control messages of all types and guaranteed, targeted delivery. And that’s powerful! Retail brands have used it as a way to track when their ads have been able to drive customers into their stores. And in our world, it’s allowed event producers and concert promoters the ability to control and track user behavior to help create better, more personal experiences.

Disney’s MagicBand contains sensors that let guests swipe onto rides and allow Disney to pinpoint their location. At Be Our Guest, they’re what enable the radios in the table and ceiling to triangulate your location so your server can find you. Wow!

Wells Fargo uses the tech to ensure that assigned computers or mobile devices are leaving the building with the rightful owner, making RFID tech a great security enhancer. And so on.

In the meantime, take a look at a few of the fully custom RFID bracelets we can help you make for your own business use case!

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 5.17.59 PM  Squiggly RFID Bracelet: This item is waterproof, shockproof, and high temperature resistant. It widely used in field operations, swimming pools, cooling libraries, water inspection, and other extremely humid environments, and can handle even a long soak in water and other adverse circumstances. Easy to wear on your ankle or wrist, and your logo and color are welcome on the printable surface! Each item starts as low as $3.60 per piece.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 5.18.05 PMHigh quality waterproof RFID wristband, NFC wristband: This silicone wristband and bracelet tag is waterproof! Simply wear it on your wrist or ankle or hang it on your bag strap. These RFID bracelets are re-usable and a good solution for the RFID access control, security events ticketing, park access, expenditure loyalty, hotel management, membership expenditure management and is especially suitable for amusement parks. These RFID wristbands and bracelets are available in a variety of color and styles for medium range RFID readers, and yes, fully customizable too. Starting at just $1.10 per piece.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 5.18.11 PMNylon/PVC RFID wristband. Easy to wear, very flexible, soft and waterproof. Widely used in campuses, amusement parks, buses, residential access controls, hospitals, swimming pools, concerts, cold storages, field operations and other extremely humid environments, even a long soak in water and other adverse circumstances, it can work normally. Colors are at your discretion and light customizations are available, too. Starting at just $0.97 per piece.

Want to see how this all works, with your own eyes? Take a look at a video that we’ve included to see how this technology brought to life some impactful experiences for Air BnB a couple years back. And when you’re done, give us a call at 888.752.0432, or shop the whole catalog right HERE

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