Posted By Dean Schwartz
Posted on November 18, 2013

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): The folks at Sabadell Bank are great, repeat customers of ours at SOBO Concepts. And we mention them again because they were the first to request customized SWAG in the form of cooling towels.Cooling Towel And if that description alone doesn’t provide an adequate explanation of what this product is, consider this past summer and you’ll likely remember a minimum of a dozen TV ads that touted the benefits of this ‘damp, snap and cool’ towel. Well, guess what? It works.

Sabadell Bank came to us produce an item as a giveaway at the upcoming college football Orange Bowl game. And under the hot South Florida sun, what’s more ideal for sports fans than one of these cooling towels? Exactly – nada.

The price is right, too – normally, these towels sell for $11- $24 each, but because of our direct sourcing capabilities, we are able to secure these at a fraction of the cost. Just ask us!

But onto the details. The cooling towel is made of a synthetic, advanced PVA material that, when dampened, decreases the surface temperature of the towel significantly. So it could be 90 degrees in the air, but 15-20 degrees cooler around your towel-wrapped neck.

  • In addition, the towel has advanced evaporative qualities, so it essentially absorbs way more than a normal towel, yet still allows for you to wipe away sweat without soaking yourself with old moisture. You can even use it to dry off your car!
  • Each time you want to cool down again, just re-wet the towel, snap it, and enjoy its cooling sensation. Then wash it in the washing machine and re-use it whenever it gets dirty.
  • Naturally, when it comes to customizations, the question you should be asking your SOBO SWAG crew is – so what can you do to make it cooler, SOBO?


Well, our friends at Sabadell wanted to go the classic route – We debossed the bottom right corner of the towel with their logo and brand name and created a custom, branded instruction label affixed to the outside of the plastic container.

To get more details, or to discuss options for your own version of the cooling towel with some SOBO SWAG, call us today at 888.752.0432.