Case Study: Miami Beach Custom Recycling Bag

Posted By Dean Schwartz
Posted on January 02, 2016

Recycling Bag

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Some of the best ideas are also the most simple. Recycling is one of those ideas. But the way we recycle can be a simplified idea, too. And if you’ve never heard of the recycling bag, then today is your lucky day!

Not too long ago, the Environmental Coalition of Miami and the Beaches came to us to create custom recycling bags for Miami Beach condo residents. They wanted to not only make recycling easier and more convenient for its residents, but help eliminate a common, yet often unknown problem. It’s a simple piece of information, too – you should never put plastic bags or plastic film in your recycling container. Who knew?

In short, the recycling bag isn’t just a smart idea, it’s a safe idea.

The problem is that plastic bags wrap themselves around the conveyor belts in most recycling facilities, and you can imagine the mechanical issues that could result from those types of mishaps.

So we designed the custom recycling bag, made from a non-woven polypropylene, to serve two purposes. First, it needed to be convenient. And with its small, waterproof design (because the bag was laminated), it certainly is. But second, it needed to make residents better at recycling; to help them avoid common mistakes that can lead to issues at the facilities that recycle their products.

So we used the bag itself as a sort of educational guide. On one side, we showcased the types of goods that are accepted in recycling facilities, and those that are not. On the other side, we showed residents numerous resources that would help them dispose of various other types of non-recyclable items safely, instead of just dropping them in their trash or recycling bins or bags.

In the end, we made Miami Beach condo residents smarter about recycling, and we made it easier for them, too. Isn’t that what custom product design should be all about? To learn more, or to pick our brain about another project, call SOBO Concepts at 888.752.0432 today.