Chinese New Year And Your SWAG Orders

Posted on November 20, 2018

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): The holidays are here, but they don’t end after January 1. After the start of the calendar year, it is time to celebrate the Chinese New Year. But what exactly is the Chinese New Year, and why do they have their own year? The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, and it is often referred to as the Spring Festival. The actual date for the New Year is February 5th, but celebrations are more than just the one day. The Chinese New Year is rich in tradition and is made up of a number of different smaller celebrations. And these celebrations take place over the course of nearly a month. Let’s take a closer look.

Chinese New Year 2019 Calendar & Celebrations

chinese new year timeline

Activities and traditions vary widely across regions, but this year the Chinese New Year kicks off the main festivities with the Little Year on January 28th. Little Year last for 8 days and activities include memorial ceremonies as well as deep house cleaning to sweep away bad luck. Following Little Year is New Year’s Eve on February 4th. New Year’s Eve is the time for the reunion dinner where families get together for the most important meal of the year. After dinner, the children will receive red envelopes, and the family stays up late and to wait for the New Year. February 5th is the New Year, or the start of the Spring Festival which lasts for 15 days. The last few days of the Spring Festival is reserved for preparations for the Lantern Festival, which will last for another 5 days.

Chinese New Year and Your SWAG

Traditional dancers perform the lion dance during the opening ceremony of a temple fair in Ditan Park at the beginning of Chinese Lunar New Year in Beijing

All in all, the festivities for the Chinese New Year last about a month. These celebrations will obviously impact the production process with many of the factories we work with. Some factories start closing on Friday, January 25th and are typically closed for the entirety of February.

So what does this mean for your SWAG orders? Simply put, order early! Orders should be placed by the first week of December in order to guarantee delivery. SOBO works with many different factories, so we can help you navigate around all the festivities, but better to be prepared.

Give SOBO a call 888.752.0432 or email to place your SWAG order so you can get your items before celebrations begin. SWAG with style!

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