Custom Corkcicle SWAG

Posted on June 21, 2018

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Wine products are a huge trend. And there is no doubt that Corkcicle products are some of the hottest products on the market. What is Corkcicle? It first started with a question, how do you chill wine to the perfect drinking temperature, without the mess of the conventional ice bucket? This spurred the invention of the Corkcicle Air, an in-bottle wine chiller. Since then they have evolved into a household brand with a wide range of popular beverage products. Check out our catalog for all our Corkcicle SWAG, and see below for a few of our favorite items.

Custom Corkcicle SWAG

corkcicle whiskey wedge
Whiskey Wedge

Part rocks glass, part cigar rest, the Cigar Glass lets you hold your drink and cigar in the same hand. No more finger fumbling between the two. Be free to sip and puff at your leisure. Holds up to 9oz. of liquid and various cigar sizes. Logo imprint available.

corkcicle classic stemless
Classic Stemless

Say hello to the coolest cup ever. Crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation, this vacuum-sealed wonder cup just doesn’t quit. It keeps your beverages cold for 9+ hours and hot for 3. With its easy-grip sides, no-slip bottom and shatterproof, drink-through lid, you’ll enjoy stylish, spill-free sipping every day. Imprint with your logo.

corkcicle 25oz canteen
25oz Canteen

With 750mL of capacity, this size canteen is specially designed to fit a full bottle of wine. Ditch the cooler, but keep the cool. Crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation. Patented easy-grip flat sides. No-slip bottom. Keeps drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours or hot for up to 12 without freezing or sweating. Imprint option available.

Be the toast of your next campaign or event. Bottoms up! Give SOBO a call 888.752.0432 or email to get your Corkcicle SWAG on! SWAG with style!

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