Why Creative Packaging is Essential

Posted on October 11, 2018

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): We all know the value of a great first impression. This is why creative packaging of your product is so important! When a customer receives your product the first thing they see is your packaging. It is imperative that the sight of your brand gets them excited.

Customers believe that the quality of packaging reflects the value of what’s inside. You may have a great product. However, if you send items in an old damaged box, then you’re telling the customer you don’t value the product inside. Conversely, if you send products in a beautifully designed package with sturdy walls, like the SOBO SWAG box, then your customer will have a great first impression. They are much more likely to believe the contents inside are of equal quality as the packaging. In fact, focus groups have been conducted to test this theory.

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Creative Packaging Focus Group

Our partners at Hinda Incentives recently ran a focus group and told recipients they were receiving a reward to recognize their efforts. They then asked the participants to rank the rewards based off of packaging.

Package A was the industry standard brown box. 88% of the group described the packaging as “cheap”. Furthermore, and those same people could not distinguish package A from the typical box received from an online purchase. Also, over half the recipients said the packaging made the contents inside “less special” and they did not feel appreciated.

Package B was a premium package with colored folded tissue paper. 88% of the survey participants used the word “gift” to describe the item packed in the box. Likewise, 88% also said they felt more appreciated due to the human touch of the folded tissue paper.

The study concluded that recipients feel more appreciated when there’s a high level of attention to detail in the packaging. Without creative packaging, you are not going to get the desired first impression which is highly valuable. Ultimately you are doing a disservice to your product and bottom-line.

Creative packaging is an investment that can take your business to that next level, and SOBO is ready to help! We will ensure that you are reinforcing your brand and exciting your customers from the moment they lay eyes on your package. Give SOBO a call at 888.752.0432 or email info@soboconcepts.com to upgrade your packaging today.

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