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Custom Bike SWAG – RIDE with Style

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Spring is around the corner, which means its time to get outside! What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than going for a bike ride? Whether you’re into competitive cycling or just want to go for a cruise around the block, there’s no doubt that cycling is good for you. It increases cardiovascular fitness, builds core strength, improves muscle tone, and helps increase overall stamina. Not to mention – it’s just plain fun! With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that cycling remains among the most popular activities across the world.

A custom bike branded with your logo is a great SWAG opportunity. Since biking is such a popular activity, it is the perfect place for brands to plug-in and get noticed by a tight-knit community of people through associating your brand with an attitude of healthy living, higher quality of life, and enhanced fitness. A fully custom bike promises to be the eco-friendly promotion that will take your SWAG to the next level!

And when we say “fully custom” – we mean it. Choose from multiple options on virtually every feature including tires, handles, frame style, and more.  SOBO can even Pantone match your colors to make sure your bike is completely unique to your brand. All the choices can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! Our SWAG experts will walk you through the entire customization process. Here are a few of our favorite styles.

Custom Bike SWAG – RIDE with Style

custom bike rover gx
Rover GX

Ride easy-breezy with the Rover GX. This beach cruiser is the perfect option for anyone looking to coast along and enjoy the ride. This single speed two-wheeler features stainless steel spokes for an elegant look that’s sure to turn heads.

custom bike dragon

Unleash the dragon! This beautiful ride has a BMX S-type frame and is guaranteed to attract attention. Fully customizable with company colors and logo. While it may not breathe fire, the Dragon style is definitely hot!

custom bike cyclone

Supercharge your custom bike with an electric motor. The Cyclone not only has a sleek design, but it also features a 500 watt motor with a torque sensor and an LCD screen. This E-bike is sure to be the most sought after promotion in your lineup.

Ready to RIDE with style? Check out all of our custom bike options in our catalog. Or, better yet, give SOBO a call 888.752.0432 or email info@soboconcepts.com to get your custom bikes on the road! SWAG with style!

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