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Posted on June 27, 2018

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): At SOBO Concepts, we are always looking for new ways to SWAG up traditional products and ideas. And what is more traditional than a bicycle! More and more people are living the active lifestyle and looking to biking to keep moving. And smart companies and employers have taken notice. Providing custom bikes to your employees is a great way to increase morale and retention. So SOBO has teamed up with both US and overseas suppliers and factories to provide extensive options to customize bikes to serve your marketing purposes.

Our corporate program takes the term “mobile canvas” to heart. Design the perfect bicycle from the ground up. We will help you find the perfect custom bike no matter what your need. Whether you’re a business looking to outfit the office with communal transportation or create a great amenity for hotel guests or just looking for a unique and effective marketing tool to engage customers. Here are three popular options…

Custom Bikes

custom bikes stock

1. Stock – Cheapest option! Little to no customization, makes this option the quickest turnaround. No minimum quantities required. The stock option is the easiest way to get rolling on a fleet of custom bikes.

custom bikes branded

2. Branded – Add your brand’s personal touch with simple logo and color work. All branding is done with high-quality vinyl decals, with free design comps. There is a three bike minimum but turn around times are quick. Rep your brand on your dream machine!

custom bikes custom

3. Custom – You dream it, we build it! Full customization and control with endless possibilities. Choose from different models, colors, accessories, and more. Minimum 90-day turn around time with a minimum 50 bicycle order. Make your ideas come to life.

Ready to RIDE with style? Give SOBO a call 888.752.0432 or email to get your custom bikes on the road! SWAG with style!

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