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Custom Guitars That Rock!

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Music is a universal language that connects people everywhere, which makes it a powerful tool for brands. Music can be used as an instrument for self-expression, but it also helps tie us to different social groups. In fact, people often reinforce their identities through music, which makes it an extremely powerful tool for marketing strategists. Ironically, music often goes unexplored when it comes to branding and marketing.

Using music themed merchandise is a great way to enhance your brand. And what better way to conjure up positive music vibes than the guitar! Custom guitars are a unique way to connect your brand musically. Imagine your logo on trusted name brand guitars like Fender, Peavy, Johson, and AXL guitars. SOBO can fully decal and customize these guitars to rock your brand!

Custom Guitars That Will Rock Your Brand!

custom guitars electric
EC-1 Electric Guitar

Built for the promotional products industry, the ESP EC-1 features fewer electronics and more real estate for branding. This stripped-down rock machine offers more space for your logo than any other electric guitar on the market. This guitar is gorgeous but it’s more than just eye candy. While made for promotional use, this ax still wails!

custom guitars acoustic
Acoustic Guitar

Well-built and affordably priced, this full-size acoustic dreadnought guitar is the best promo value possible. Special attention is given to the neck angle to ensure that every guitar is intonated and playable. Thanks to Martin strings, this guitar is even easier to play. This is by far the best acoustic guitar value that you will find, period! Available in black, red, blue and natural.

custom guitars ukulele
Soprano Ukulele

Ukuleles are becoming increasingly popular. Capitalize on the trend with customized ukuleles. The soprano is the most popular size of ukulele, it’s extremely light and portable and ideal for taking anywhere. With a little over 13 inches of surface space, this cute and cuddly promotional product will add a bit of musical magic to your brand.

custom guitars banjo
5 String Banjo

Need a country vibe? The Savannah banjo is your answer. Featuring a rosewood fretboard with nickel frets and wrapped in full-color laminated vinyl, this banjo looks as good as it plays. Built with a fast and slim neck for seamless playing, and an adjustable in-neck truss rod to keep this instrument playing at it’s finest.

Check out our full line of custom guitars and get your brand rockin’! Give us a call at 888.752.0432 or email us and get your order placed today. And remember to always SWAG with style!

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