Custom Mold Fidget Spinners

Posted By David Berry
Posted on November 09, 2017

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): The fidget spinner is still one of the hottest custom items out there, and now we have custom mold fidget spinners!! And sure, lots of people have Fidget Spinners, but not these! The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. From characters, to shapes, to icons, these custom mold fidget spinners will get more than a passing glance from your customers and coworkers alike.

With smooth spinning action, these custom mold fidget spinners will catch the eye of anyone around. Much like a stress ball, the fidget spinner remains a great item for stress relief, but with way more style – and fun! Beyond that, they’ll last, as they’re all made of durable, long-lasting metal and PVC.

What we love most about these is just how in-depth we can get with the custom branding. Take a look at some of these below examples, with everything from Home Depot to the NFL getting in on the action. Bold colors, bold logos and eye-stopping designs.

Production time is 30 business days and our minimum order quantity is 500 pieces. Plus, you can add up to six colors, with an imprint of up to three colors.

Call your custom SWAG experts at SOBO Concepts today to talk about custom mold fidget spinners. Our number is 888.752.0432, and we’ll be with you from start to finish – from creative concepting, product selection, design, ordering and delivery. Our job isn’t done until there’s a smile on your face! Call us today.

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