Custom Pool Floats

Posted By David Berry
Posted on June 23, 2017

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Custom pool floats sound great right about now, don’t they? There are major heat waves already, all over the country, and the first day of summer was just this week! So, the timing for custom pool floats couldn’t be better.

In fact, we recently worked with a Miami-based partner called Deft Union (, and together we’ve been able to put together great work for clients, and we’re eager to do more!

The floats are totally customizable; they come with embossed or debossed lettering and you can create any size, shape or color. One of our clients went with three rectangle floats with rounded edges sized at 36″ x 75″ – huge pool floats! The product is durable, though. We used a heavy-duty 4″ thick foam, where people are actually able to stand/dance on the custom pool floats. The floats are created using an aquatic foam and PVC, and the pieces themselves are cut out using a CNC router, and then they are assembled and finished by hand.

The pricing for these start at $1,500/piece.

But why would you need a custom pool float? Or rather, several? Glad you asked. As you can see from the pictures we have here, custom pool floats are great for events. If you’re an event sponsor – and many spirits brands come to mind – these are perfect for pool parties or even corporate events where the floats are nothing more than floating billboards. That works too.

You can also scale them down for smaller-sized, contained corporate events, or if you’re feeling really generous, you could use them as employee incentives or giveaways for the dog days of summer. Either way you cut it, there are a lot of great branding opportunities here.

Interested or intrigued? Call your SOBO Concepts SWAG experts at 888.752.0432 today. We’d love to chat with you.

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