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Posted on December 16, 2014

Creative Direct Mailer 3

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): The reason we care so much about making SWAG that has SWAG is because of the alternative, which is often a wasted investment and missed business goals. It’s the same reason our clients have been so pleased with our work – they know we care about their bottom line. Period.

This is particularly true with the majority of handouts at trade shows, brochure or program inserts and direct mailers. Frankly, they’re boring. And no matter how hard the producing company tried, it usually ends up in your garbage can anyway.

Well, this week we’re talking about pop n’ lock mailers. They fit the above description, but they don’t suck. We can create anything you want that gets your message across and can also be assembled into something useful, to avoid having your item end up in the trash. Here are a few examples that illustrate how you can get your message across, while having fun at the same time:

 Creative Direct Mail Piece 1

Pop n’ Lock Launcher: Imagine passing out flyers at a packed bar or restaurant. And when the place empties out, your flyers have all been left behind. Bleh. The alternative is the pop n’ lock launcher. Watch the whole bar transform into a gaming arena, when they pop these flat sheets out into a ring tossing launcher with a pop-up target. You’ll have their attention, and then some.

 Bank Direct Mail Piece

Pop n’ Lock Bank: It starts out flat, like all of these products do. And while it can be great at tradeshows, it can also fit nicely into a catalog. Pop it out in seconds, and watch the bank’s opening get revealed via a pop-out key card!

 Creative Direct Mailer - Phone Holder

Pop n’ Lock PDA Holder: Raise your hand if you’ve ever spilled a drink on a desk or table and frantically scrambled to pick up your phone or tablet to avoid ruining it. All of us have. This pop n’ lock PDA holder is not only cool looking, but pops right up to avoid having to worry about that issue in the first place. Plus, if you’re watching a YouTube video or a TV show, it makes it easier to kick back and enjoy.

As we mentioned, these are just a few of the options. For others – and for the SOBO SWAG treatment of fresh ideas – call us today at 888.752.0432. We hope you’re having a great holiday season!


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