Music Coffee Mug with Instrument Handle

Posted By David Berry
Posted on October 04, 2017

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Ladies and gentlemen, introducing – the Music Coffee Mug With Instrument Handle! If you’re thinking we might have gone a little coffee crazy, you might be right – we did, after all, release our Top 10 Coolest Coffee Mugs for 2017 list in June.

But the Music Coffee Mug With Instrument Handle came across our desk a week ago and I stopped and said “wow, that’s actually really cool.”

This musical coffee mug is made of high quality ceramic, with an instrument shaped handle appearance design which makes it unique – even in a world where coffee mugs have gotten as unique as ever.

Take a look for yourself.

As you can see, this one came equipped with a saxophone, with a musical note motif on the mug itself. What’s great is the level of personality we can put into these. Sure, you can customize each mug in the way many of our products can be customized; you pick the colors, the instruments, the design and logos, for example.

But imagine, for example, putting a replica of an artist’s actual instrument on the mug handle! And the musical notes on the mug itself could be actual notes to the artist’s song. Amazing, right?!

Here’s another custom mug, this time with a guitar handle.

Sweet, right? The Music Coffee Mug with Instrument Handle is a custom mug that’s perfect for musically inclined employees or, more specifically, for businesses that are centered around music. Recording labels, producers, theater leagues and so on are all full of music lovers who probably rely quite a bit on coffee for sustenance too.

The Music Coffee Mug with Instrument Handle is the ultimate gift to show some gratitude with some attitude. Customize them to your liking and leave a lasting impression! Call SOBO Concepts at 888.752.0432 today to start designing yours.

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