Guide to Successful Promotional Products

Posted on April 20, 2018

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Not all promotional products are created equal. Sure people in general love promotional products, but they like them with some SWAG. You may think you need a big budget to develop some really cool SWAG. Sure a big budget helps, but we have some good news for you. Creating great promotional products is more about imagination and creativity than anything else.

Putting thought into your promo can be a lot more useful than throwing money at them. Even big brands who have money to throw around are changing their approach. Pushing out a large volume of your branded product can still work, but a more precise approach is often more effective. Fewer products in the hands of the right people can get you better results and a higher ROI.

Moral of the story? Think big brain, not big money. Here are some tips on how you can get your promotional products to work smarter.

4 Tips for a Smarter Promotional Products

1. Make your products useful – Usefulness is all about context. That’s why pens are such a popular choice in an office atmosphere. People will always be in need of a pen. When you combine useful with memorable, you’ll be giving people something they never want to lose. One good promo item is worth 1,000 bad ones. Put thought into what you’re trying to achieve and who you’re giving items to.

promotional products pens

2. Represent your company AND attract your customers – So many companies just focus on one or the other, but your promo product can be appealing AND show them what you’re all about. Give the customer something useful, but make sure it is connected to your product or service in some way.

If you’re selling coffee, give them a coffee mug. Do you provide electrical services, offer up a flashlight keychain. You get the picture. With a little imagination, you can stay at the top of people’s mind while still giving them something they want.

promotional products copa america

3. Tell the bigger story – Your promo products aren’t going to help promote your brand if they stand alone. They’re a marketing tool, so use them like one. Make them part of the larger narrative you’re telling about your brand. Everyone likes a good story. Make sure they hear yours.

promotional products bottle opener

4. Your products won’t move by themselves – Once you have your promo products made, it’s not enough to just give them to clients when they come to your office. You spent time and money on finding a promo product that will help you tell your story, so make sure you spend time getting that story and product out. Make sure to be creative in your packaging too.

promotional products box

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