Case Study: The MasterCard Story – Simple, Sophisticated & Last Minute

Posted By Dean Schwartz
Posted on March 05, 2013

By Dean Schwartz: You want sophisticated promotional products and strategies? We’ve got that. Just take a look at our work for Bank of the West to provide a vantage point on that front. But not everyone does. In fact, sometimes – okay, many times – clients come to us in search of a simple promotional product and a last-minute timeline for delivery. Be it for an event, an eager boss or otherwise, there often isn’t time for an elaborate product or strategy.


Big problem? No problem – at least not at SOBO Concepts. We’ve gotten so used to the so-called ‘last minute client’ that there’s almost no such thing as a last-minute request. In addition, our creativity and imagination is on full display, as well, regardless if it’s a ‘big’ project or a ‘small’ one.

Exhibit A – MasterCard & the SOBE Wine & Food Festival.

We were hired by Octagon, MasterCard’s global event marketing agency, to produce the volunteer t-shirts for the SOBE Wine & Food Festival. Not much later, they asked us to create drink coasters, napkins, tablecloths, aprons, VIP badges and paper “ice cream man” hats. Finally, with only a few days until the event, we were asked to print stickers and signs to cover an ice cream cart as well as produce a custom umbrella for the MasterCard ice cream cart. Talk about a quick turn-around!

Earth shattering products? Earth shattering designs? Not so much. But we’re proud to say that the client threw us a hail mary pass and we delivered.  As we work with many event marketing agencies, we know that getting client approvals in a timely fashion can be extremely challenging. We loved working with the Octagon team and were happy that MasterCard never realized the behind-the-scenes drama necessary to pull everything off.

Big deal for some. Standard work for SOBO Concepts. If you’re going to do a custom promotional lanyard or custom promotional bracelet, we’re your team. Call us today at 1.888.752.0432 to get things going.

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