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Snake Puzzle Case Study: Silver Hill Funding

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Tired of the same old promotional products? Or maybe you already have a full line of SWAG for your company, and you can’t even think of putting in another order for logoed pens. Don’t get us wrong, we love customizing pens and getting creative with traditional promotional products. But sometimes you need to think outside the box, or should we say outside the cube. A snake puzzle, which is a literal twist on the classic Rubik’s cube, is a great way to mix up your SWAG.

So what is a snake puzzle? As we noted, it is a derivative of the Rubik’s cube, except the puzzle takes a linear form. What’s great about the snake puzzle is that the goal is to educate. In fact, Rubik himself said, “The snake is not a problem to be solved. It offers infinite possibilities of combination.” Talk about a license to creativity! With a few simple customizations, you can use the snake puzzle to educate your audience on anything you want.

Here is where SOBO Concepts can help. We are able to customize snake puzzles to reflect just about anything. Use your company colors, add text, add your logo or anything else you can think of. As Rubik said, there’s an infinite combination of possibilities. These puzzles make great trade show giveaways or can be used by HR staff as a unique way to communicate company values.

Need more examples? Let’s take a look at the snake puzzle in action at Silver Hill Funding.

Snake Puzzle Case Study: Silver Hill Funding

snake puzzle 4

Silver Hill Funding, LLC is a small-balance commercial mortgage lender. They offer financing from $250,000 to $5,000,000 on commercial real estate. Silver Hill was looking for a creative way to recruit new partners. They wanted a product that would educate potential new partners on how they can make money selling Silver Hill products. The snake puzzle was the perfect solution.

We did a complete customization. Custom company colors along with text highlighting Silver Hill’s simple referral process resulted in the Silver Hill snake puzzle. To top it off, we included a card inside the packaging to make sure potential partners knew who to contact to take the next steps.

Ready to educate your audience in a new creative way? Give SOBO a call at 888.752.0432 or email info@soboconcepts.com to customize your snake puzzle today.

snake puzzle 2 snake puzzle 3snake puzzle 1

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