Case Study: Custom Snow Globe

Posted on August 16, 2018

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Can you believe that the holiday season is only four short months away? That was fast! We love the holidays; the colder weather, the spirit of giving, and all the great SWAG. There are a ton of great holiday SWAG items, but no holiday season is complete without a great snow globe.

Did you know that SOBO Concepts can create unique high-end snow globes? Each snow globe is designed with great attention to detail and produced at the highest quality. They are guaranteed to have pure water and no bubbles. Also choose from a variety of add-on features, including wind-up music, swirling snow, a rotating interior, and more.

Have your own idea? SOBO Concepts will work with you to make your idea a reality. Take a look at this custom snow globe we created for the alumni of Husson University in Maine.

Custom Snow Globe for Husson University

snow globe 2Husson University is the only university in Bangor, Maine. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and has a total enrollment of approximately 3,500 students. Husson University is a small community, but with a big atmosphere. They also have an active alumni community.

SOBO was tasked to come up with a creative piece of holiday SWAG for their annual alumni dinner. Given Bangor’s cold climate and picturesque landscape, we thought a snow globe would be a great way to encapsulate the charm of the city and the university all in one item. But a standard snow globe with “Husson University” printed at the bottom just wasn’t enough. We wanted to give the Husson alumni a special memento to remember their time at the university.

So we got the creative juices flowing, and we created a fully customized snow globe, inside and out. The buildings inside the snow globe were actually miniature replicas of the campus buildings. It was a huge hit at the annual alumni dinner. Seeing the snow swirling around the familiar buildings of their college days brought these alumni back in time. Former students could now take Husson University home with them, albeit a miniature version.

Ready to design your custom snow globe? Production time on a custom item like this can be up to 60-90 days, so best to start now. Don’t let the holidays creep up on you. Give SOBO a call 888.752.0432 or email and get your order in before it is too late! And remember to always SWAG with style!

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