Gifting/Under $100/Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charging Station (Bluesequoia)

Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charging Station (Bluesequoia)

Features: Digital Clock / Alarm / Temperature, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Qi Charging Station

This desktop clock makes an excellent executive gift, featuring an integrated bluetooth speaker and wireless Qi charging station that enables select portable devices to re-charge without any wires. Simply position the device on the blueSEQUOIA and it will begin to charge! Also featured: Optional Alarms, Temperature, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you're hoping to order & brand products under the minimum requirement, additional fees may apply.


Quantity Price
25 $93.33
50 $90.00
100 $86.67


CPN Number 552289774
Color Dark Wood, Light Wood
Size 8.75 " x 5.50 " x 2.68 "

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