Gifting/Under $100/Mini Bluetooth Water Fountain Speaker w/LED Lights

Mini Bluetooth Water Fountain Speaker w/LED Lights

The beautiful light and water display will even move to the beat of your music!

Transform any room into a dance room with this dazzling water and light display- and this mini tower speaker sounds as beautiful as it looks! It’s both USB powered and bluetooth compatible, so you can connect them to a PC, laptop, MP3 player, smartphone, and much more. Also included: 6 Multi-Colored LED Lights. High Fidelity Stereo. Output Power: 2 x 5W, Total: 10W RMS. Digital Volume Control. Operated by AC/DC: 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

If you're hoping to order & brand products under the minimum requirement, additional fees may apply.


Quantity Price
25 $99.95
50 $97.95
100 $96.50
250 $94.95


CPN Number 551909724
Included 3.5mm headphone jack, FM Radio, Remote Control
Remote Control Operating Distance 5 meters (max)
Bluetooth Operating Distance 10 meters (max)

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