Gifting/Under $100/Mosaic Wireless Storage & Media Hub for your Phone

Mosaic Wireless Storage & Media Hub for your Phone

The Mosaic is a power bank charger and Media Hub in one.

The Mosaic is an external flash drive that can be accessed wirelessly from your phone or tablet. Load the Mosaic with videos, photos, music and documents to save space, organize and expand the memory capacity of your mobile device. Wirelessly access the saved content AT ANYTIME with the iOS and Android app on your phone. Up to 7 devices can connect simultaneously to stream, save and share files to and from the Mosaic. The Mosaic features a large branding surface for digital printing. Comes complete with travel case that can also be custom branded. Available in white with gray slip resistant base. This cool device makes a great gift.

If you're hoping to order & brand products under the minimum requirement, additional fees may apply.


Quantity Price
1 $94.00
500 $89.47
1000 $85.00


CPN Number 551933014
Color White-Gray base
Size (Storage) 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB
Material ABS
Shape Rounded Rectangular

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