Gifting/Over $100/Personalized Portable Charger With Built-in Cables: Branded PowerTrek

Personalized Portable Charger With Built-in Cables: Branded PowerTrek

PowerTrek is the ultimate charger for any smartphone.

Includes a 9000 mAh battery and built-in charging cables so you are never left searching for the right cable. To use the charger simply slide out one of the built-in charging cables. Includes MFI Apple Lightning Tip and Type C Tip. Connect your phone to PowerTrek and press the power button. Power instantly starts to transfer. LCD lights on the side of PowerTrek indicate the battery level. Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. When the PowerTrek needs to be recharged use one of 2 methods to recharge. Features fold out wall plug. Packaged in a black EVA case. Custom packaging options available.

If you're hoping to order & brand products under the minimum requirement, additional fees may apply.


Quantity Price
1 $110.00
500 $104.82
1000 $99.58


CPN Number 553181625
Color White-Gray
Size 4.35 " x 3.05 " x 1.04 "
Material ABS
Shape Rectangle, Rounded Corner

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