Gifting/Under $50/Triumph Sports – Badminton Set

Triumph Sports – Badminton Set

Serves up with this Triumph Badminton Set!

Professional badminton players need catlike reflexes and world-class physical fitness to stay competitive. The rest of us simply need a little open space, friends, and this Triumph four-player badminton set. The two light-weight nylon shuttles (or birdies) and four tempered steel rackets will endure a season of smacks and strikes. The 18′ L by 1.5′ W net with 5′ telescoping posts set up for play in mere minutes. Guyline ropes and stakes help keep the net secure throughout play.

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Quantity Price
1 $29.99


CPN Number 552737415
Color Black, White, Orange
Material Plastic, Metal

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