Gifting/Under $25/Wireless Qi Charger Stand

Wireless Qi Charger Stand

The power of wireless Qi phone charging is here!

With this wireless Qi charger, you can charge your phone without the hassle of tangled cords. Simply place your phone on the support ledge and presto! You’ll be powered up in no time. Compact and lightweight, toss our charger in your travel bag to use as a stand for movies and never risk losing your battery life on another flight. You can also take a call, or even video chat, all while charging your phone!

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Quantity Price
1 $23.34
10 $21.67
25 $20.84
50 $20.00
100 $18.75


CPN Number 553148335
Color White
Size 4.25 " x 2.81 " x 0.63 "
Material ABS

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