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Posted By Dean Schwartz
Posted on April 11, 2013

By Dean Schwartz – Do you work at a marketing, advertising or PR agency? Or do you make decisions related to those fields? Well, it’s your lucky day. Not only is this blog for you, but it’s also going to explain how SOBO Concepts delivers a one-of-a-kind knowledge of your respective industries. That means we’re going to save you a lot of headaches. How so?


We Love to Collaborate

Ever worked with a promotional products company and wasted your time explaining the “bigger picture,” and they still missed the mark? Ever been adamant about matching PMS colors and got something back that was, well, didn’t match? Or how about explaining that the details needed to be perfect for a high-end client, only to receive something that was “pretty good,” but not good enough?

All of these may have happened to you. Or maybe none of them have. But we’re sure that you can identify with the struggle you face when working with promotional product companies, and finding one that “fits.” A promotional products team that understands that you work in a fast-paced world and, more times than not, what you ordered needs to be here yesterday. And you need it to be perfect.

In addition, a marketer or advertiser’s perspective is important. Sure, from time to time, you may have a simple “slap a label on a pen and order 10,000 of them” type of request, but as marketers, the bar is often a bit higher.

Wouldn’t it be great to give a custom promotional products team your vision and trust that they had the creative brilliance to do it without having their hand held? Well, here’s good news – that’s what we do. We literally take the work off of your shoulders, drive the execution and take it from there. Score another point for the SOBO Concepts team.

We’re marketers, too, but we happen to specialize in marketing brands and businesses through customized, mind-blowingly-creative promotional products. SWAG to the max, if you will. On the surface, that might not mean much. But if you’re passionate about your work, the way we are about ours, then you’ll understand why incredible, standard-setting work is what we rest our name on.

There is a difference. And if you’re coming from a marketing, advertising or PR agency, we’re your team. And we’d love to prove it. Give your friends at SOBO Concepts a call today at 1.888.752.0432!

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