Summer Games! Fun in the sun!

Posted By David Berry
Posted on March 28, 2018
Summer Games
Summer Games

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Summer is around the corner and we are really excited! So excited we are doing a second blog this week dedicated to summer activities. This time we are going to focus on summer games (make sure to check out our previous blog about summer sports).

Games are a great way to bring people together, and they are also a great opportunity for branding. Whether you’re throwing a beach party, tailgate or a simple picnic, make sure your SWAG is on point! There are countless summer games you can play once the weather breaks. Thankfully SOBO and Disrupt Sports have you covered.

Summer Games by Disrupt Sports

Disrupt Sports is shaking up the sports industry with forward thinking and disruptive technologies. They believe that everyone is an individual who has different needs and buying mass-produced gear doesn’t necessarily suit everyone’s individuality. And we could not agree more! Here at SOBO, we like to apply this same thinking to our clients. Each company or organization has a specific set of DNA, and it is of critical importance that their personality comes through in everything.

Disrupt Sports provides high quality equipment for all kinds of summer games. Need a custom foosball table or cornhole board for your corporate picnic? Or how about a branded volleyball or surfboard for your beach party event? No matter what your need, Disrupt has the equipment, and SOBO has the SWAG!

Check out the items below for some great examples of beach party equipment, and some great custom branded games. Not sure which summer games would work for your next event or campaign? Call SOBO at 888.752.0432 and we will help you find the product and the right design to express your unique brand. And remember to always SWAG with style!

summer games beach partysummer games

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