Summer Sports are Coming!

Posted By David Berry
Posted on March 27, 2018
Summer Sports
Summer Sports

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): Summer is coming! And so are summer sports! Just look at this incredible lineup of upcoming sporting events:

– US Open – Tees off June 14th

– Soccer World Cup – Kicks off June 14th (only 14 weeks away!)

– US Tennis Open  – Starts Aug 27th

– US Surfing Open – First heat on July 29th

And that’s not to mention the NBA and NHL playoffs and mid-season baseball. What we’re trying to say is that summer is made for sports!

If you follow us here at SOBO, you know we encourage creativity and individualism in everything. And summer sports are no different. There are so many ways to get out and get moving, but don’t limit your self-expression to just what you do. Be sure to also express yourself in how you do it.

The same goes for your company’s or clients’ branding. Each brand is an expression of the company and people behind it. Be sure to reflect the personality and values of your brand in everything you do, and in particular your promotional items. And since we are talking about summer sports, what better way to promote your company or clients this summer than branded sporting equipment.

Summer Sports by Disrupt Sports

Disrupt Sports is shaking up the sports industry with forward thinking and disruptive technologies. They believe that everyone is an individual who has different needs and buying mass-produced gear doesn’t necessarily suit everyone’s individuality. You can see why we like these guys!

Disrupt has all sorts of great sports equipment, but these bikes and fitness items are perfect for the upcoming summer season. From yoga mats and fitness balls to mountain bikes, all these items can be uniquely designed to match your individual brand. Check out the items below and get those creative juices flowing.

Need help getting your summer sports branding ideas into the game? Call SOBO 888.752.0432 and we will help you find the right design and products to express your unique brand. SWAG with style!

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