SWAG Bag Case Study: 2018 Academy Awards

Posted on April 05, 2018
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By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): The SWAG bag, aka goodie bag, is no longer just for kid parties. SWAG bags have been gaining popularity in recent years. Why is that? Because SWAG bags are a perfect way to lure guests to your next event. Not to mention it is also a great way to push your product to influencers and your key audience.

The SWAG bag is and under-utilized promotional tool, and it is also very versatile. You can push virtually any type of product into an existing SWAG bag. Or you can look for vendors to provide promotional items to boost an event you are hosting. But no matter what role you are playing in the SWAG bag game, you want to make sure the products you are giving away are high-quality and reflect your brand. Make your goodie bag more than just a giveaway, and turn it into a powerful promotion. Here is a look at how we helped Jarritos at this year’s Academy Awards.

Academy Awards SWAG Bag – Jarritos

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What better place to get in front of influencers than the Academy Awards! The Oscars are known for providing elaborate gift bags for their award nominees. So when Jarritos told us they were sponsoring the nominee SWAG bag this past year, we knew we needed to create something special. Ultimately, they decided to give away a pallet of Jarritos soda, which was to be used at a charity event of the nominee’s choosing. This news was delivered inside a custom designed box that contained a bottle of Jarritos soda. Also included was a custom-designed Bluetooth speaker that had full-color printing on the front and back. The size of the custom box ensured this promotional item was not missed among the slew of other products. What a strong promotion!

Need help coming up with a good product for a SWAG bag? Or maybe you need help pulling together promotional items for an event you’re hosting. Either way, SOBO can help. Give us a call 888.752.0432 or send us a note and we will make sure you SWAG with style!

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