Phone Holder Case Study: Blue Man Group Boston

Posted on May 16, 2018

By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): We talk a lot about what makes a promotional product effective. Basically, people want things that are cool, and people want things they can use. If your product is creative and useful then you are more likely to be remembered by your customers. And great way to stay on your customer’s mind is by staying on their desk. But earning that valuable desktop real estate can be tough. A desktop phone holder can be very useful, but also runs the risk of being boring. So we put our creative minds to work. Check out this remix we did on the traditional phone holder.

Phone Holder Case Study: Blue Man Group Boston

Phone holder 4

Blue Man Group Boston was participating in an event geared towards hotel concierges. Wanting to use SWAG as a marketing vehicle, Blue Man decided they wanted something that would sit on the hotel concierge’s desks and be useful. Desktop phone holder was the perfect solution. But we couldn’t just do ANY phone holder. Blue Man is known for their unique style and bright colors, so any product bearing the Blue Man name needed to reflect their unmistakable brand. Enter “the phone futon”.

The phone futon provides a perfect space for your phone to rest while still keeping the screen visible to see notifications. The hotel concierge is able to keep their hands free to take notes and greet guests. On top of all that, the phone futon has microfiber on the bottom that can be used to keep the screen clean. And of course, we splashed it with bright colors to make it pop and to reflect the Blue Man brand. Creative, useful and eye-catching, what a great giveaway! Check it out below.

Time to get creative! Use some useful SWAG to kickstart your marketing efforts. Need help picking a product? Give SOBO a call 888.752.0432 or email for assistance. SWAG with style!

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